David French Is A Piece Of Sh*t And I Want Him Dead (FREE)

David French Is A Piece Of Sh*t And I Want Him Dead (FREE) 2021

  4 out of 5 Star

Up and coming rock band Bad Penny are doing their first headline tour, but they have a problem. The support band French Kiss, fronted by the charming David French, is becoming more popular than them. In addition to that James, the singer/guitarist of Bad Penny, seems to have lost inspiration. Dean and Anthony, fraternal twin brothers and the two remaining band members of Bad Penny, devise an evil plan to help James find new inspiration and make their band gain popularity again. - 12 minutes Full Credit: Cast: Lee West, Hattie Seaton, Charles Allan-Hodson, Nezar Alderazi Director of photography: Jonathan Flint Production designer: Shay Khelifa Editor: Mark van Heusden Stunt co-ordinators: Nathaniel Marten & Mat McKay at Lucky 13 Action Make up & hair: Rachel Keane Composer: Pablo Scopinaro Sound design: Sean McGarrity Colourist: Karol Cybulski at CHEAT


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