Jamie Cotton

Jamie Cotton

Jamie Cotton, also known as Sage, is a humorous and deeply personal storyteller who believes in the power of art to unite people and alleviate life’s challenges. Her creative range includes poetry, short stories, spoken word, and screenplays. Her new short film, “Black Sheep,” marked her entry into filmmaking.

Hailing from Colorado’s mountains, Sage’s love for literature blossomed in her youth. She pursued studies in Religion and Social Justice at Saint Mary’s of Notre Dame, followed by a decade of diverse pursuits such as writing, acting, and modeling.

Beginning with sharing poetry at open mics, she expanded her repertoire with a one-woman show focused on her journey of growth, self-discovery, and love. This show’s triumph propelled her into the lead role of “Girl Meets Girl,” a lesbian comedy, which she toured with extensively.

She is currently focused on promoting “Black Sheep” and connecting with new collaborators as a screenwriter.

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