Wait, I'm A Racist!?!
Wait, I'm A Racist!?!
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Wait, I'm A Racist!?! 2016

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A young woman's spunky spirit is crushed when she is accused of being a racist. Things go from bad to worse when she tries to make things right. - 12 minutes Full Credit: Production Companies Rogue Shark Pictures Elkhorn Entertainment Cast Elise Zell (Elsie) Kristin E. Ellis (Frankie) Kara Davidson (Barbara) Aubrey Marquez (Marshall) Danyelle Leah Sims (Ada) George Ellzey (Joe) Shon McGregory (Mike) Amos Omer (Robber) Crew Written & Directed by Daniel John Harris Produced by Vince Chavez Daniel John Harris Associate Producer Tre Manchester Line Producer & Casting Director Andrew Biesen Music by Jeff Harris Production Design Jenan Diab Hair/Make-up Stephanie Espinoza Sound Mixer Phill Leonard Sound Editor Sean Sbarbori Sound Designer Philip von During Cinematography Austin Neff Assistant Camera Jessi Owensby Gaffer Olivia Nevius Grip/Electric Ayanna Bennett Morgan Farage Brian Miller Editor Daniel John Harris Colorist Tom Rovak ?Summer Tides? By Lawrence Oakley and Mark Waterfield Licensed by DeWolfe Music USA Special Thanks Archie?s Iowa Rockwell Tavers BAM Studios Katrina Arthur Tiffany Yvonne Cox Harper Jude Harris Megan Harris Deborah Pup


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